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     Over 25 Years of Experience

Advanced Network Consultants has a 10-year success record of providing the highest quality solutions for our clients in Wireless Technology, Networks, and the Security of their computing environments. Our business partnerships rely on the combination of our business experience, as well as our technical expertise, to help guide them to the best choices that address their business challenges. We employ individuals who understand their responsibility is to the uptime of our clients.

At ANC we’re “Building networks one relationship at a time” and we look forward to working with you.

What we are

Specializing in Wireless technology, Networks, and Security makes us your expert knowledge base reference point for these technologies. Our key OEM manufacturing partnerships keep us current with where technology is going and when the latest advancements will be made available. We are YOUR experts in technology! When we make our recommendations, they are balanced between your requirements, budget/ROI considerations, and our proven track record of designing stable, reliable, and supportable solutions for your businesses.

Our Certifications

Our network engineers, technicians, and sales staff have certifications from many of the leading information technology businesses such as Microsoft, Cisco, Zebra, Sophos, and Brocade.  Our priority is to work alongside with customers and bring Authentic networking solutions